• If your company does outsource or out-task services or plans to handover certain tasks to external providers, the success of such activities also depends on a professional realization. MVTM does not set its focus on strategic consulting, for example evaluating whether outsourcing in general makes sense or not. MVTM supports you in putting it into practice. We accompany you, support you, takeover tasks that you cannot or do not want to takeover yourself. When working together with your chosen suppliers, MVTM helps you setting up programs, realizing projects and manages certain activities.
For example Contract Management: If you have long-term maintenance agreements a thought-out and equitable set-up, contract as well as a balanced management of the contract is extremely important to protect your invest and to form a business transaction that is acceptable and benefitting for both sides. MVTM can support you specifically in such areas. We support your specialists to concentrate on their expertise, the management and purchasing to concentrate on the budget. We unburden legal departments with our cross-discipline approach
A structured and professionally arranged business relationship will protect you against financial losses, brings satisfaction amongst your internal and external customers. One part for the success of your projects and for the Return On Invest

• If you as a supplier want to achieve competitive advantages through optimized and automated business relationships with your procurement partners at your customers. If you would like to improve your successful supplier listing at target customers, MVTM can support you. Synergies are gained on both sides the customer and the supplier.


MVTM’s mission is to support companies that want to arrange their business more flexible
MVTM helps companies that outsource or out-task services.
MVTM supports you as a supplier to adapt to the requirements of your customers and to easier locate new areas of business.

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