Quick Overview MVTM
MVTM is a trust-agency founded in 2003. MVTM offers Sourcing Advisory as well as Supplier Listing Support in defined areas.

MVTM distinguishes itself from other more strategic advisors or law firms through its trust concept. MVTM does not provide consultancy as usually offered. MVTM supports you hands-on, through participation in projects or through managing defined parts of services (such as license management).
MVTM offers you:

• Supplier-Management Services
• Supplier Listing Services
• Contract- and License Management Services
• Tendering Support

Our target clients are businesses that outsource or out-task parts of their internal services or business processes to third parties - businesses that set their focus on cost-transparency, risk mitigation and the increase of values.
MVTM also supports small and midrange suppliers that want to expand their customer portfolio and want to increase their business volume.

MVTM cooperates with selected partners, closely working together in a network including also other consultancies and law firms to deliver the offered services.

• If your company needs support for complex programs as well as in minor projects or intend to outsource
standardized tasks
• If your company would like to increase its room for maneuvering through wider spread enlistments as a supplier
• If you would like your key and target customers to increasingly consider your enterprise for invitations to bid.

Then MVTM offers you consulting support or defined program packages for

• Increased Turnover
• Cost Reductions
• Cost Avoidance


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